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Passing Your CDL Exam Is Not A Walk In The Park

The CDL exam is a tough test. Studying for the CDL exam is a daunting task to say the least. What will be covered on the exam is available free by downloading your State Manual. So you ask why should I pay if I can get it free? Good Question. Take a look at  Oklahoma's CDL Manual and you wonder how anybody passed the exam. Tim and the The National Transportation Driver Training Centers saw the results of using OnlineCDLtraining.com training: while 76% of the students who attended class daily passed the written exam, over 90% passed using this internet-based course!"

What Tim discovered by focusing on the most important parts of the exam in short intense training exercises followed by test students learn better, faster, and are not intimidated by the sheer volume of material that the manual presents.

Not only has Tim discovered this but one of the largest trucking companies in the transportation industry, Swift Transportation, use OnlineCDLtraining.com for new drivers entering into their company.

A testimonial from Swift. “We chose to outsource to Vertical Alliance... to help us manage some of our new entrant driver processing functions, like those pre-employment hurdles related to commercial driver permits. We knew it would be cost effective… but what we did not anticipate was the human resource value. The system actually helps us identify our future best employees. Shortly after launching the system, we discovered that the applicants who finish the online process are the initiative takers and have a level of self discipline that translates into a superior driver. It weeds out those individuals who aren’t serious about their careers.” – Tim McLain, Swift Transportation.

Are you ready to take the lest expensive best CDL online training in the industry? Enroll Today.