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Tim Scott – Professional Truck Driver Trainer

Its' EASY! Simply Watch & Learn

Click, watch, test - it is that simple!

Train to drive a truck, a bus, a limo - while lounging in your favorite chair at home!
No CDs, no VHS tapes: train quickly and easily online! Give Tim Scott a call 866-817-4621 for questions on the setting up the driving part of the CDL.

Tim Scott along with Vertical Alliance Group devised OnlineCDLtraining.com as a tool to help prospective truck drivers spend less time in the classroom, save money, and get better results on the test. OnlineCDLtraining does exactly that - it trains you to drive a truck, focuses on fundamentals and prepares you to ace the written Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) exam.

This course used to only be available for the drivers enrolled in one of my trucking schools. A lot of our students went for it because they could learn at their own pace and on their own time, rather than spend 240 hours in a classroom training just for the written portion of the test. That all changed when I and the instructors at the National Transportation Driver Training Centers saw the results of this training: while 76% of the students who attended class daily passed the written exam, over 90% passed using this internet-based course! In all my 43 years in the trucking industry, I had never seen anything work like it before.

That’s why I have decided to offer this program to everyone who wants to be a truck driver. Complete this training program, pass the written CDL exam in your state,  and I’ll help you find a school to take the the driving part. Give Tim Scott a call 866-817-4621 for questions on the setting up the driving part of the CDL.

This training program is the most-effective, industry-proven Commercial Driver’s License on the market. The program keeps your interest, with short videos (about 5 minutes each) and interactive test questions taken straight from the exam. Rather than spend thousands of bucks in classes or reading heavy textbooks that deliver mixed results - get the training you need right here, right now.

Many prospective drivers finish this training in less than 24 hours. Once you finish training, you still maintain access for up to 90 days in case you need to review.

Simply click on the "Start Your New Career NOW!” button to begin your journey. Leave the grind behind, my friend, & join us on the open road!