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CDL Section 8 Tank Vehicles Training Endorsement

This section has information needed to pass the CDL knowledge test for driving a tank vehicle. (You should also study Section 2, Section 5, Section 6, and Section 9). A tank endorsement is required for certain vehicles that transport liquids or gases. The liquid or gas does not have to be a hazardous material. A tank endorsement is required if your vehicle needs a Class A or B CDL and you want to haul a liquid or liquid gas in a permanently mounted cargo tank rated at 119 gallons or more or a portable tank rated at 1,000 gallons or more. A tank endorsement is also required for Class C vehicles when the vehicle is used to transport hazardous materials in liquid or gas form in the above described rated tanks.

Before loading, unloading, or driving a tanker, inspect the vehicle. This makes sure that the vehicle is safe to carry the liquid or gas and is safe to drive.

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What is Covered in Section 8?

  • Inspecting Tank Vehicles
  • Driving Tank Vehicles
  • Safe Driving Rules