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CDL Section 3 Transporting Cargo Safely Training Material

This section tells you about hauling cargo safely. You must understand basic cargo safety rules to get a CDL.

If you load cargo wrong or do not secure it, it can be a danger to others and yourself. Loose cargo that falls off a vehicle can cause traffic problems and others could be hurt or killed. Loose cargo could hurt or kill you during a quick stop or crash. Your vehicle could be damaged by an overload. Steering could be affected by how a vehicle is loaded, making it more difficult to control the vehicle.

Whether or not you load and secure the cargo yourself, you are responsible for: Inspecting your cargo. Recognizing overloads and poorly balanced weight. Knowing your cargo is properly secured and does not obscure your view ahead or to the sides. Knowing your cargo does not restrict your access to emergency equipment.

If you intend to carry hazardous material that requires placards on your vehicle, you will also need to have a hazardous materials endorsement. Section 9 of this manual has the information you need to pass the hazardous materials test.

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What is Covered in Section 3?

  • Inspecting Cargo
  • Cargo Weight and Balance
  • Securing Cargo
  • Cargo Needing Special Attention