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CDL Section 11-12-13 Skills Test Training Guide

Note this training section prepares you to take the Actual Driving Skills Test.

Section 11 -During the pre-trip inspection, you must show that the vehicle is safe to drive. You may have to walk around the vehicle and point to or touch each item and explain to the examiner what you are checking and why. You will NOT have to crawl under the hood or under the vehicle.

Section 12 -Your basic control skills could be tested using one or more of the following exercises off-road or somewhere on the street during the road test: Straight line backing. Offset back/right Offset back/left Parallel park (driver side). Parallel park (conventional). Alley dock.

Section 13 -You will drive over a test route that has a variety of traffic situations. At all times during the test, you must drive in a safe and responsible manner; and . Wear your safety belt. Obey all traffic signs, signals, and laws. Complete the test without an accident or moving violation.

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What is Covered in Section 11-12-13?

  • Internal Inspection
  • External Inspection
  • Skills Test Exercises
  • Skills Test Scoring
  • How You Will Be Tested